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Posts tagged "Rezoning"

Oil & gas zoning ordinance challenged by environmental groups

Despite the fact that the first working oil well was built in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1858, people rarely associate the state with the pumping of crude oil and natural gas. A land use conflict is now brewing in western Pennsylvania that may refresh people's recollections as two environmental groups are challenging the rezoning decision of a township to significantly increase the percentage of industrial land within its boundaries.

Proposed rehab center near school in Haddonfield draws opposition

A classic "NIMBY" is developing in the borough of Haddonfield concerning the site of the former Bancroft School. What is a NIMBY? A NIMBY is a land use dispute in which residents of a neighborhood oppose a proposed development or construction project because they perceive it to be harmful to the neighborhood. The acronym stands for "Not In My Back Yard." In this case, the proposed NIMBY is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that would be located next to the local high school.

What is "spot zoning"?

Zoning ordinances often impose certain costs on landowners that cannot be recovered from the municipality. For example, a tract that is zoned for residential uses cannot be used for certain commercial uses or high-rise housing, which generally produce a higher financial return for the owner than low density uses such as single-family dwellings. In reviewing a legal challenge to a zoning ordinance or rezoning, Pennsylvania courts have balanced the public's interest in having a zoning code that guides land use for the entire municipality against the individual rights of land owners to choose the use for their properties. This balancing act has, among other consequences, caused the creation of a legal rule that makes "spot zoning" illegal.

Hotel project shows how to work with planning board and neighbors

A recently announced hotel project for an important intersection in the northeast neighborhood of Philadelphia known as "Fishtown" provides a useful case study of how a proposed development of commercial real estate must satisfy the local planning authority and the project's neighbors.

What is a zoning map "overlay"?

The Philadelphia City Council's committee on rules recently voted to allow the installation of 3-D signs on certain corners in the Center City district. 3-D signs are not allowed by the zoning regulations applicable to the Center City district, so the committee used another zoning tool to accomplish this result: approval of a zoning map overlay.

How can you challenge zoning to maintain current land usage?

Landowners in Pennsylvania may or may not be aware that the pieces of land that they live on and own are zoned for a particular use. After reading this statement, some may be asking, "What does zoning mean?" Zoning laws are passed by the government and regulate the use of the land while facilitating urban planning.

Subway improvements part of signage deal for Lit Bros. building

In 2011 the Market Street East Advertising District was created by the Philadelphia City Council. According to zoning in the district, a property owner can put up a large, digital sign if the owner contributes $10 million in public investments and has approval from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC). The digital signs are meant to advertise on-site uses and other uses. Essentially, property owners can put up a large sign only in exchange for making improvements to public space.

Bill proposes rezoning for Drexel University development

Two years ago, at Powelton Ave. and 38th St. in Philadelphia, Charles Drew Elementary School was closed, and late last year on the same 14-acre property, University City High School was closed. Now Drexel University, in its continued expansion, could develop the property for mixed use, according to a bill recently introduced by Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell.

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