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Proposed zoning changes could spur large scale development

The commissioners in Lower Allen Township, Pennsylvania are currently considering some proposed changes in zoning laws that could result in the establishment of a main street-style large development in the midst of the rural area. A major developer headquartered in Lancaster wants to build a development that will constitute a town center with many of the amenities of an urban neighborhood. They would build it on approximately 250 acres of land in the general area of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and Arcona, Lisburn, and Rossmoyne roads.

Zoning board nixes 11-year-old girl's tree house

An 11-year-old girl in Selinsgrove, Pa., was looking forward to the tree house that her Dad was in the process of building for her as a birthday present. Imagine her dismay when she learned, after a hearing, that local zoning laws prohibited the structure and that a variance request had been denied. The result was that her father was ordered to tear it down.

Much community opposition to proposed horse hospital

Public opposition was widely expressed to allowing a property in Satterwaite, Pennsylvania, to be used for a proposed horse veterinary clinic. Testimony by opponents at a recent public hearing of the Lower Makefield Township Zoning Hearing Board urged that the board members use applicable zoning laws to disapprove requests for zoning variances needed for the clinic to open.

Community packs zoning hearing over strip club

A packed audience of over 300 members of the community attended a recent zoning board hearing in Chanceford Township, Pennsylvania, expressing opposition to a strip club. The proposed business announced intentions to operate an adult cabaret in a leased 6,300 square foot facility in a local strip mall.

Residents seek to oust sexually violent predator center

Residents in the small municipality of Hulmeville, where just a little more than a thousand people live, are up in arms over the operation there of a treatment facility for sexually violent offenders. The offenders do not reside there, but pass through the community on their way to their treatment sessions. Residents would like the commercial property owners who own the center's location to banish the center.

Allentown could see new office tower

The somewhat modest skyline of Allentown, Pennsylvania, is poised to receive a major addition, at least, if one developer gets his way. The man has proposed a 33-story office tower in Allentown, something that he has dreamed of for decades. In fact, he originally hatched the plan all the way back in 1985. Now, it might finally come to fruition after he tabled the idea for some time.

Woman proposes rooming house in Mt. Airy

A longtime resident of the Philadelphia suburb of Mt. Airy is seeking permission from zoning boards to transform one of three properties she owns into a rooming house. Her vision is to allow low-income members of the community to seek shelter at the residence, but first it must pass by board members of East Mt. Airy Neighbors.

Frustrated contractor sues Philadelphia-area township for $15M

A Greater Philadelphia contractor hoped to turn a former Delaware County furniture store into a youth sports and entertainment complex. The Pancoast Construction owner applied for a certificate of occupancy last fall. The application was rejected because the planned "Under 21 Social Club" apparently violated local zoning laws.

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