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Helping You Prepare for the Unexpected

As we age, we begin to confront difficult questions regarding our future. Aside from determining what should happen to our wealth, questions about our health tend to be the most important. What kind of care should we receive? What measures should be taken if we become incapacitated or unable to respond? This is where an advance medical directive can step in and make your wishes clear.

At Avallone Law Associates, our attorneys have been providing estate planning and advance medical directive assistance to clients across Pennsylvania and New Jersey from our Philadelphia office. We can help you create plans that best represent your wishes.

Why a Health Care Directive Is Essential

In the event you suffer an unexpected illness or incapacity, a health care directive can make explicit your desires for how your care should proceed.

An advance medical directive is also known as a living will, and helps provide clarity to doctors and health care professionals, as well as your loved ones. With increasing sophistication in medical technology, individuals can be kept alive in an incapacitated state for a long period of time, which may be contrary to their personal wishes.

Our lawyers can help you craft a living will that specifies exactly which measures should be taken to prolong and extend your life, as well as which life-saving measures should be implemented in the first place (for example, if you should be resuscitated or not following a cardiac arrest or similar medical event).

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