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Assisting With Estate Administration and Probate Concerns

The Philadelphia attorneys at the Avallone Law Associates are dedicated to helping clients navigate the complex procedures of probate law. If you have been appointed to settle the estate of a loved one, we can help you carry out your duties.

Testate (with a Last Will and Testament) Estates

If the deceased person had a valid will (died testate), the person’s property will be distributed according to the terms of the will.

Intestate Estates

If the deceased person did not have a valid will (died intestate), the person’s property will be distributed according to state law. The process is relatively the same as in a testate estate.

Estate Administration Process

After a death, generally the estate is opened, and the assets of the estate are inventoried first. We can then help to take care of any outstanding debts. You can petition for a grant of letters, and if obtained, we encourage clients to advertise the grant of letters. This will initiate a one-year statute of limitations for creditors to claim payment for any debts owed by the deceased’s estate. Also, the firm can assist you with the rest of the process, including distributing the assets, filing estate tax returns, and dealing with any other death or inheritance law matters.

We are also willing and able to defend against any court action regarding the validity of the will, distributions of the assets, or other disputes over an estate.

Contact a probate law attorney at Avallone Law Associates today. A member of the firm can help you understand your probate options during a free initial consultation.