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Assisting Clients Across Pennsylvania and New Jersey With Estate Administration

Administering the estate of a loved one can be a complicated and lengthy process. Avallone Law Associates has served the residents of Philadelphia, southeast Pennsylvania, and southern New Jersey since 1982. The attorneys are very knowledgeable in probate laws and can guide you efficiently through the process. Contact the Philadelphia Orphans’ Court Attorneys at the firm for a free initial consultation.

Wills, Trusts and Advance Medical Directives

When individuals are contemplating end-of-life decisions, the probate lawyers at Avallone Law Associates are able to counsel and assist in the preparation of wills, trusts and guardianships.

In addition, they can help determine if advance medical directives, also known as living wills, should be utilized and will help in the drafting of these documents. Advance medical directives, also known as medical powers of attorney, medical proxy, or do not resuscitate orders are created to determine how your health decisions should be handled in the event that you become incapacitated while still alive. Moreover, the attorneys aid in drafting durable powers of attorney to ensure that your financial situation are managed properly in the event of incapacitation. Many individuals create these documents before surgery or as they age.

Estate Administration

The estate administration lawyers at Avallone Law Associates act as partners with the executor or administrator of an estate. The attorneys work with the executor to ensure that all final wishes of the deceased are carried out. In addition, the lawyers guide the executor through the process of filing the necessary documents, making the required notifications, and completing the entire probate process.

If there are will contests or disputes, the probate lawyers at the firm are knowledgeable in the procedures of Pennsylvania’s Orphans’ Court and New Jersey’s Surrogate’s Court. They represent clients through the estate litigation and act promptly to get the matters resolved efficiently.

Probate Representation

Whether you are contemplating decisions involving wills, trusts, or advance directives, or are administering another individual’s estate, Avallone Law Associates can counsel and guide you and your family through the decisions and procedures. For legal assistance, contact the southern New Jersey and southeast Pennsylvania or call 215-253-3855 to reach the probate attorneys and discuss your needs.