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Answering Your Questions Regarding Commercial Real Estate

When real estate developers in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties want to acquire property, they turn to Avallone Law Associates to build their portfolio. In addition to standard acquisition work through traditional representation, Avallone Law Associates is well-known for the more challenging acquisitions. Our lawyers know how to help developers acquire privately owned real estate even when current owners are missing or unknown.

Our lawyers also help developers maximize their investments by negotiating nuisance liens and tax liens to more manageable amounts. And our lawyers know the intricacies of real estate acquisition when the properties in question are owned by municipalities or redevelopment authorities. Firsthand knowledge of the legal hurdles standing in the way of acquiring government-held real estate is what sets Avallone Law Associates apart from other real estate groups in other firms.

Commercial Property Transactions

Avallone Law Associates represents developers, businesses, and other buyers or sellers in commercial real estate matters in the Philadelphia metro area, southeast Pennsylvania, and southern New Jersey. Our attorneys employ 40 years of experience and accumulated knowledge in real estate law to facilitate the transaction and shield the client from future liability.

Our Commercial Real Estate Practice in Pennsylvania

Development and commercial use — Prior to purchase, we verify allowable use under current zoning, or represent clients before local zoning boards in seeking rezoning, conditional use permits, or variances.

Due diligence and environmental issues — In representing commercial property buyers, we investigate the corporate entity or individual seller and examine the title for liens, easements, pending litigation, unpaid taxes, or other potential pitfalls. We also review environmental reports that would indicate responsibility for toxic cleanup or other environmental compliance issues. We will often add a clause to the contract certifying the zoning and requiring a civil engineer to sign off on environmental impact issues.

Contracts for purchase or saleAvallone Law Associates will negotiate, draft, or review the purchase agreement on behalf of a buyer or seller. Our lawyers can red flag inspection report items, financing contingency clauses, title defects, or other issues that must be clarified or addressed before closing.

Financing — Funding for purchase and improvements to commercial properties can be complex, and we have experience in large monetary transactions. We represent buyers and investment groups in forming limited partnerships to finance construction loans or helped arrange industrial development loans to expand a factory.

Commercial leases — Our approach demands thorough and precise language in these complicated contracts. We can handle all commercial lease agreements on behalf of the property owner or lessee, and have experience in shopping center leases, including regulations on store hours, window displays and competing tenants.

Condominium law — See our page on Condominium Conversions and condo association representation.

Breach of contract litigation — We represent buyers, sellers, commercial property owners, and tenants in litigation or dispute resolution involving commercial real estate transactions, construction, property disputes and leases.

Contact Philadelphia Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Avallone Law Associates is committed to professional, responsive and knowledgeable counsel or representation in your commercial real estate matter. Inquire online or contact our attorneys at 215-253-3855.