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Understanding Condominium Law

At Avallone Law Associates, our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to legal issues related to condo and Homeowners associations (HOAs). Whether there is a dispute between a condo owner and the HOA or a contract needs drafting, we can help. We have handled various condo and HOA issues over the years from representing developers to amending an existing bylaw. Let us help you with your condo or HOA legal matter today.

Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our homeowners’ association lawyers. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Avallone Law Associates has unique experience when it comes to condo and HOA legal disputes.

Condo Association and Condo Owner Representation

Our lawyers have created numerous homeowners associations and condominium associations throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Our lawyers know how to represent developers in establishing programs that enabled the smooth and effective transition of operations to newly created homeowners associations. And our lawyers know how to help developers of condominium-conversion projects to effectively follow through on the rules and regulations required under the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act.

Our attorneys also represent condominium associations in reviewing and revising operating declarations and bylaws to adhere to changing regulations and new circumstances.

Beyond the creation of condo conversions, our attorneys will help develop the documents necessary to sell individual units to prospective buyers and represent sellers at settlement.

Larger condominium developments are like small cities, requiring their own quasi-governmental bodies to regulate transactions and activities of occupants. Avallone Law Associates serves as general counsel to condo associations and the management committee in:

  • Setting and collecting assessments for maintenance and improvement of common areas (pools, grounds, hallways, recreation centers, parking lots)
  • Transition of ownership and incorporation of the association
  • Advising the association board on drafting bylaws and amendments
  • Proper procedures for conducting meetings and publishing minutes
  • Disputes with unit owners over past-due assessments, transactions or violation of association rules and regulations
  • Conflicts between condo owners and HOAs, including issues such as property lines and HOA fees

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Tell us about your condo or HOA conflict today. Contact us online. You can also reach us by calling 215-253-3855. We provide a free initial consultation, including evenings or weekends by appointment.

Avallone Law Associates represents developers in the conversion of buildings and apartment complexes into condominiums and the sale of condo units. We also assist in creating condominium associations and advising those bodies in the ongoing management of facilities and unit owner relations.

Pennsylvania Development and Declarations • Condo Association Counsel

Based in Philadelphia, we represent owners and developers through the Philadelphia metropolitan area, southeast Pennsylvania, and adjacent counties of New Jersey. Contact us today at 215-253-3855 to discuss your legal needs with our experienced condominium conversion and condo law attorney. Lawrence Avallone has practiced real estate law for 40 years and has facilitated numerous transactions.

Condo Conversions

Our condo conversion lawyers commonly assist property owners wishing to turn a duplex, four-unit apartment building, or other multiunit property into condominium units. We guide our clients through the complex and involved process to protect your investment and expedite development and turnover, and provide the following services for our clients:

  • Serve notice to tenants, who get right of first refusal to purchase their units
  • Submit plans to the Department of Licensing and Inspection and local housing authority
  • Prepare the Declaration of Condominium to file with the county recorder of deeds
  • Draft the charter of the condominium association to establish procedures
  • Negotiate sales of individual units to buyers
  • Transfer control of the property from the developer/owner to the association

Our firm also represents unit owners when there is not a conflict of interest with an association or developer representation. When condominium disputes cannot be resolved, we can represent any party in the Court of Common Pleas, Municipal Court or local District Justice court.

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For more information about condominium conversion or our legal services in the area of Pennsylvania condo law, contact Avallone Law Associates at 215-253-3855. We provide a free initial consultation, including evenings or weekends by appointment.