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Handling Your Construction Defect Claims

Construction defects cause a host of problems for homeowners and families. Defects can devalue your house by undermining its structural integrity or diminishing the building’s appearance. In the worst cases, construction defects can jeopardize the health of those who live in the home.

At Avallone Law Associates, we have represented consumers in all types of construction disputes since 1982. Whether you own a single-family home, a condo or a townhouse, you and your family deserve to live in a building that is safe, secure and built up to the standards required by law — the standards you paid for. Our attorneys apply more than 40 years of experience to every case, seeking positive outcomes through proven construction litigation techniques.

Representing Bucks County Homeowners in All Construction Defect Claims

Our Philadelphia construction defect claim lawyers represent homeowners who discover problems with their residences such as:

  • Mold/toxic mold
  • Water intrusion
  • Architectural defects
  • Cracks in the foundation and foundation failure
  • Window or flashing failures
  • Problems with HVAC systems
  • Problems with wiring/electrical components

Deep Knowledge, Extensive Experience

Avallone Law Associates is dedicated to the rights of consumers. Our residential real estate practice is comprehensive, and construction law is a major part of that. We want you to know that the law is on your side. The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA) and the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law work together to provide strong protection to homeowners.

We understand how these laws work and how courts interpret them. When you meet with our lawyers, we will discuss your specific situation and explain how these laws may apply. You can be sure that we will explore all possibilities and advocate strongly to protect your interests throughout the legal process.

Problems With Toxic Mold or Other Defects? Our Pennsylvania Lawyers Can Help

For a free consultation with the skilled construction litigation team at Avallone Law Associates, please call 215-253-3855. You can also contact our Philadelphia law firm online.

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