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Protecting Your Rights In Eminent Domain And Condemnation Matters

Is the government trying to take your property via the legal doctrine known as eminent domain? Has your property been unfairly and unjustifiably condemned by a state or local authority? Our experienced eminent domain attorneys can help explain what the government is trying to do, how it can do it and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

Eminent Domain Proceedings in Pennsylvania

If you are currently dealing with either situation in eastern Pennsylvania or the Philadelphia area of southern New Jersey — rely on the experienced legal team at Avallone Law Associates to fight for your property rights.

Our eminent domain lawyers know the eminent domain landscape because their legal experience includes working at places like the Redevelopment Authority of the city of Philadelphia. Our lawyers know how to challenge condemnations, unfair zoning schemes and eminent domain actions. They know how to maximize the just compensation the government must pay you. And they know how to maximize your relocation benefits.

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Takings and Condemnations

As with other states, the governments of Pennsylvania and New Jersey have the power to acquire private property for a public use, even when the owner objects. While they must compensate the property owner by paying the fair market value for the land, they cannot take property for sale to investors who wish to develop the property.

Our real estate litigation attorneys help clients whose property is subject to this type of condemnation and expropriation to defend and keep their properties. More often, however, the central issue in dispute is compensation. To maximize our clients’ compensation, we have their properties professionally appraised and conduct a painstaking review of both assessments to expose flaws in the state’s case.

Asserting and Protecting Your Rights

Contact a lawyer at Avallone Law Associates today to learn more about these issues and how our firm can be of assistance. Free initial consultations are available during normal business hours, evening or weekend consultations can be arranged by appointment. For your convenience, we offer payment plans and accept major credit cards as well.