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Protecting Your Home

The record numbers of home foreclosures in the United States over the past few years were the direct result of a devastating combination of factors that included a subprime lending market run amuck, a collapsing real estate bubble and one of the worst economic recessions this nation has ever seen.

Today, even with the economy showing signs of recovery, foreclosures here in Pennsylvania and across the nation remain alarmingly high.

Since 1982, Philadelphia lawyers at Avallone Law Associates have helped people to keep their homes and secure brighter financial futures for themselves through bankruptcy and the debt relief services offered by this firm. Our message here is that whether you are only a few months behind on your payments or there will be a sheriff’s sale in two weeks — the information you need to make positive financial decisions moving forward is only a phone call away.

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Can I Save My Home?

Faced with the situation of owing much more on a home than it is worth or simply not having enough money (due to job loss, medical issues or something else), many American homeowners have chosen to simply mail in the keys to their lenders and walk away. Others have struggled to make it work on their own and have lost their homes anyway. Talk to us about your options first.

Specific actions our attorneys can take on your behalf include:

  • Helping you file for and obtain financial assistance via the Pennsylvania Homeowners Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP),
  • Negotiating a forbearance agreement or loan modification from your lender
  • Stripping away second and third mortgages through Chapter 13
  • Reviewing original loan documents and other background information for evidence of predatory lending or violations of the Truth in Lending Act and other consumer protection statutes

While the range of possible solutions may vary on a case-by-case basis, our commitment to providing personalized attention and results does not. Whatever your situation, we can help you understand your options and choose the course of action that will best meet your individual needs.

40 Years of Making the Law Work for Families

At Avallone Law Associates, you will have access to the same high-quality legal representation that major corporations, insurance companies and the government have always had — and more.

If you are struggling to deal with a personal financial crisis or are facing the possibility of a home foreclosure, contact our law firm for a free initial consultation.

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