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Real Estate Partition Actions in Pennsylvania

When property is owned jointly by two or more people, they sometimes cannot agree on what to do with the property or whether to sell the property. A partition action is then necessary to either divide the property or sell the property and distribute the proceeds from the sale.

Avallone Law Associates is a Philadelphia-based law firm serving the real estate-related needs of clients in the northeastern and southeastern Pennsylvania. Our attorneys employ 40 years of experience and accumulated knowledge in real estate law and they have handled many different types of real estate litigation, including partition actions.

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An Experienced and Dedicated Legal Team

Founding attorney Lawrence Avallone is a member of the Real Property Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association and has been practicing in the courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1982. Today, under his guidance, the firm represents people who own property as tenants-in-common and as joint tenants (also called tenancy-by-the-entirety for married couples) in real estate partitions involving common law, divorce and even post-divorce actions.

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