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Experienced Counsel on Quiet Title Actions

A quiet title action is designed to establish ownership of a parcel of land (and/or structures on a parcel). The action works to “quiet” any challenges and claims to the title by others. These actions are necessary in situations where real estate has changed hands and there is no clear and easy way to establish who actually holds title to the residential or commercial property at hand. Quiet title actions may also be necessary in situations where there were previously liens or easements on the property that have since lapsed. Even though they have lapsed, the liens and easements must still be removed from the title to clear it. Contrarily, someone currently enjoying the benefit of an easement may bring an action to make the easement part of the property’s title.

Experienced Pennsylvania Quiet Title and Estate Title Attorneys

At Avallone Law Associates, our skilled quiet titles actions attorney assists clients throughout the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties to obtain a judgment of title to a property and get it properly recorded with the county clerk in order to establish a valid chain of title.

Are you afraid someone is trying to take your property away from you? Contact us today for experienced representation in a quiet title action or other real estate matter.

Quiet Title Actions Under Section 3546

Under the Probate, Estates and Fiduciary Code 3546, you may petition the court to obtain title to property under one of two scenarios: the estate is not raised and the owner has been deceased for at least one year, or the estate is raised, there have been no actions for at least six years and you have an interest in the property based on a relationship to the deceased owner. Whether your claim is in Milford or Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, we can help obtain title under Section 3546.

Quiet Title Through Probate and Other Means

In addition to filing estate title actions through courts handling property owned by decedents, our firm also helps clients to quiet title through the civil trial division and probate. Known as a common law quiet title action, this type of action occurs in cases where an investor cannot find the beneficiary of a deceased owner’s property, an escheat acquisition by the city or state occurs, or there is lien on the property but the finance company is no longer in existence and other scenarios. We can assist with:

  • Locating beneficiaries
  • Preparing or negotiating real estate contracts
  • Performing an heir search
  • Handling the closing

When there is a lien by a defunct mortgage company on a property, we can also help file quiet title actions under Section 5529, shifting the burden of proof that the mortgage was paid from you to the mortgage company after a period of 20 years. Our extensive experience can help make a difference with your real estate litigation needs.

Contact Us for Ownership of Property Questions

While a quiet title action in not typically complicated, they do involve following procedures carefully. A skilled lien release or real estate lawyer at Avallone Law Associates offers a commitment to professional, responsive and knowledgeable advice and representation. Contact us online or our Philadelphia office at 215-253-3855.