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Aggressive Representation in Real Estate Litigation Matters

When mishandled, real estate disputes have been known to last for years and even decades — depriving parties on all sides of resources and access to significant investments in the meantime.

More than 40 years of history and experience in the region have made Avallone Law Associates an exceptional ally in disputed real estate matters in the Philadelphia area, and throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

We provide effective legal representation in any type of residential or commercial real estate-related dispute, including the following:

Founding attorney Lawrence Avallone is a member of the Real Property Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association. This involvement allows Mr. Avallone to remain up-to-date on any changing laws or relevant cases in the area of real estate litigation. Under Mr. Avallone’s guidance, lawyers and staff at the firm offer thorough representation for a broad range of real estate problems and disputes.

We are well-known for being straightforward with clients, judges, and other parties in the legal process, and we will spare no effort or resource in seeking to resolve matters quickly and within budget.

Philadelphia County Real Estate Litigators: 215-253-3855

Contact an attorney at Avallone Law Associates today to discuss your real estate litigation concerns. Free initial consultations are available during normal business hours, and for evening or weekend times by appointment. For your convenience, we offer payment plans and accept major credit cards.